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-10 fast questions Jesper Pellijeff Superbike Champ-

Interview – 10 fast questions

1 Hello, what is your name and what kind of racing are you doing? 

– Hello my name is Jesper Pellijeff (20 year) and I’m an Roadracing driver

2 When did you start racing and with what?

– I started racing 2009 (10 year old) with Honda NSF100

3 What is your best results so far?

-I’m a 2x Swedish Champion in the highest league (Superbike) in Sweden also race winner in the Spanish championship

4 Do you have any coach or mentor helping you?

– I do not have any coach or mentor

5 What will you race in 2020?

-No plans are official yet

6 Who are your main racing sponsors?

-Kawasaki Sverige is my main sponsor and Onebike.se

7 What is your goal for this season?

-To always improve my riding and to always get better on my riding

8 What is your future main goal in racing?

-My biggest goal is to be a world champ one day!

9 What is the best or most fun thing about racing?

-The Adrenalin burning through my veins

Photo: Fredrik Eklöf74

10 What you think about the RacingTime.se brand and Champion watch?

-I really like the company and the watches! It feels so good around my wrist!

Thank you Jesper, we are very happy to have you as a brand ambassador for our brand 2019, and we wish you the best of luck for the 2020 season and beyond!!! 

// RacingTime.se